Check out these local affordable housing facts.

State of Housing in Santa Fe – Quick Facts

  • Extremely low rental vacancy rates (<2%) are driving a rapid escalation in rent costs.
  • There has been a 46% increase in market rate rents between 2014-2019
  • 53% (25,810 individuals) of the workforce commutes into Santa Fe.
  • 72% of in-commuters left the Santa Fe workforce due to high cost of housing.
  • 86% of renter families making less than $50k/year are cost burdened (up from 73%)
  • There is growing outside pressure on the local homeownership market
  • There is an inadequate amount of land zoned at densities high enough to support affordable housing development

Here is what we can achieve with the power of community support:

Dedicated Housing Funding

  • We need to encourage City Leadership to commit to identifying & securing new local sources to fund the Santa Fe Affordable Housing Trust Fund.
  • Commonsense Regulatory Changes
  • This will help ease the demand issue, while also benefiting income-restricted affordable housing.
  • Pro-housing Advocacy
  • Our communities must continue to advocate for affordable housing development in Santa Fe.

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