Framing the Macro Problem

This excellent interview with Brookings Institution housing economist Jenny Shuetz is a great way to understand the two different housing problems driving affordability issues and some of the solutions for fixing them. 

Ezra Klien on why housing is so expensive in blue states. This podcast is a great explainer on why some the communities that are most politically aligned with the principles of affordable housing, have some of the worst affordability issues. 

Jerusalem Demsas’ article on homelessness is a great debunking of the myth of personal responsibility and homelessness. Turns out if you don’t have enough housing for everyone, personal choice doesn’t matter. 

Santa Fe Specific 

Santa Fe’s perennial housing issue- the dynamic tension between historic preservation and housing affordability. This episode from 99% Invisible, Stuccoed in Time, looks at the unique approach to historic preservation and how it sometimes undermines the culture it aims to preserve.

In a presentation to Leadership Santa Fe in 2019, Coalition cofounder Daniel Werwath provides an overview of Santa Fe’s housing policy history and current challenges.  

No conversation about affordable housing can escape the question, do we have the water? This short presentation titled “Do We Have the Water for This Growth” from Jesse Roach, Director of Santa Fe’s Water Division, provides a concise overview of Santa Fe’s water situation and where we are headed with climate change and infrastructure improvements. 

This interview with City of Santa Fe Office of Affordable Housing Staff dives into the nuances of inclusionary zoning and fee in lieu, tackling the perennial question: why don’t we just make private developers build more affordable housing?

And here’s a link to some of the other educational videos the Coalition has done over the last few years. 

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