The Santa Fe Housing Action Coalition is actively working towards creating systemic change in housing programs and policies in Santa Fe. We work to do this by providing technical expertise, community education, and advocacy for new housing policy. We can’t afford not to invest in housing security, the cost of interventions for homelessness and impacts on education, health and welfare are much higher. 
This work is community driven. Your support and involvement is critical in the movement to create housing security for all.


Would you like to see more affordable housing in Santa Fe? Want to learn more about the issues and start taking action on them? Check out these facts and materials we collected to help you learn and advocate! 


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Become an affordable housing advocate in 5 minutes:

Check out these local affordable housing facts. 

State of Housing in Santa Fe – Quick Facts

  • Extremely low rental vacancy rates (<2%) are driving a rapid escalation in rent costs.
  • There has been a 46% increase in market rate rents between 2014-2019
  • 53% (25,810 individuals) of the workforce commutes into Santa Fe.
  • 72% of in-commuters left the Santa Fe workforce due to high cost of housing.
  • 86% of renter families making less than $50k/year are cost burdened (up from 73%)
  • There is growing outside pressure on the local homeownership market
  • There is an inadequate amount of land zoned at densities high enough to support affordable housing development

Here is what we can achieve with the power of community support: 

  • Dedicated Housing Funding
    • We need to encourage City Leadership to commit to identifying & securing new local sources to fund the Santa Fe Affordable Housing Trust Fund.
  • Commonsense Regulatory Changes
    • This will help ease the demand issue, while also benefiting income-restricted affordable housing.
  • Pro-housing Advocacy
    • Our communities must continue to advocate for affordable housing development in Santa Fe.

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Become an affordable housing advocate in 30 minutes:

Take half an hour to read and listen to stories about the people being affected by the affordable housing crisis. Learn more about what actions the SFHAC and other partners are working on to start creating more housing security in our city. 

Read the article Falling through the cracks: Pandemic worsens Santa Fe’s housing crisis

Listen to the podcast SFAHBA Radio Hour: Episode 19 – Build Together “The Time is NOW…Again! to address affordable housing issues in Santa Fe

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Become an affordable housing advocate in 60 minutes:

Check out this great video from New Mexico PBS. – An insightful one hour documentary special about the critical 1994 Santa Fe Election that elected Debbie Jaramillio mayor. This is the story of a town election that took place in a climate of public discontent. Overwhelmed with growth, the Santa Fe community is fracturing over rapid, upscale development, and growing racial and class tensions. This documentary looks closely at the mayoral candidates and these key issues.

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Congrats! You just learned about and advocated for more affordable housing in Santa Fe! Thanks for being a partner in our work to create more affordable housing! 



What else can you do?

Speak Up!

Now that you’re more informed about the housing crisis happening in our own backyards, you can write your elected representatives to express your support for funding the Affordable Housing Trust Fund and addressing the housing crisis now. Click here to find contact information for the Mayor and full City Council.

Members of the public are also encouraged to attend Council Zoom meetings on a computer, mobile device, or phone. The video conference link and teleconference number will be posted on the City of Santa Fe’s Calendar of Events website at least seventy-two (72) hours before the meeting. Click here for a City of Santa Fe Weekly Meeting List. 

To Make Public Comment:
  • By video: A person attending the Zoom meeting by using a computer, mobile device, or smart phone may provide public comment during the meeting. Attendees should use the “Raise Hand” function to be recognized by the chair to speak at the appropriate time.
  • By phone: A person attending the Zoom meeting by phone may provide public comment during the meeting. Phone attendees should press *9 to use the “Raise Hand” function to be recognized at the appropriate time.
  • In writing: A person may submit written public comments at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting via the virtual comment “button” at

Learn about #FundtheTrustFund 

  • Funding the Trust Fund is a critical piece of a long-term strategic solution for affordable housing to counter the unprecedented wave of gentrification Santa Fe is facing. 

  • The Trust fund is a highly innovative mechanism-it awards funding to the most innovative projects based on a request for proposal process that is open to anyone in the community. Awards are recommended by a community board, based on real housing needs and innovative proposals. Investments from the fund are secured and recycled creating an ever growing resource base for affordable housing. 

  • Past trust fund investments have been highly leveraged, for every $1 of Trust Fund spending, it creates $10 in additional direct spending. 

Our goal is to assist City leadership in identifying and developing solutions for addressing the housing crisis in Santa Fe. As such, our top priority is to identify and secure revenue sources that would fund the Santa Fe Affordable Housing Trust Fund. We are actively holding discussions with and working to encourage Mayor Webber and City Council to identify potential avenues for and to make a commitment to funding the affordable housing trust fund and establish measurable goals for the development of affordable housing in Santa Fe. Stay tuned to our social channels and sign up for our newsletter for the latest news about this effort! 

The More You Know:

Read the Report from the Mayor’s Task Force on Affordable Housing and Livable Neighborhoods. This is the best roadmap we have to address our current housing problems. 

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