The Santa Fe Housing Action Coalition is actively working towards creating systemic change in housing programs and policies in Santa Fe. We work to do this by providing technical expertise, community education, and advocacy for new housing policy. 

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Get educated about the problem. Read the Report from the Mayor’s Task Force on Affordable Housing and Livable Neighborhoods. This is the best roadmap we have to address our current housing problems. 

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Current Issues:

Rental Inclusionary Zoning Updates/Fee in Lieu Working Group

Several members of the Housing Action Coalition are working with the City to propose updated language to the rental inclusionary zoning requirement in the Santa Fe HOMES program. The current policy allows rental developers to pay a fee-in-lieu of providing income- and rent-restricted units as a means of making market rate rental development financially feasible. This short-term reprieve expires at the end of 2019. The Coalition is advocating for a long-term fix to the ordinance that will increase fee and provide more and more financially feasible ways for developers to include income and rent-restricted housing, including housing voucher preference units. 

City Land Donation: Technical Brief

As the City contemplates selling and/or donating land for housing, the Coalition is developing a policy brief that will provide recommendations for program structure and community housing priorities, including that any proceeds from the disposition of land should help support our City Affordable Housing Trust Fund which lacks a dedicated funding source. 

Fund the Trust Fund! Technical Brief

The City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF) was established in 2005 to create a systematic way to allocation funding for affordable housing activities. 100% of the funding is dedicated permanently to income restricted housing. A real estate transfer tax was proposed in 2008-9 to provide a permanent source of funding, but was defeated at referendum. The Mayor’s Affordable Housing and Liveable Communities recommended a minimum annual allocation to address the current housing crisis. The Coalition is producing a technical brief that will provide program and policy design recommendations, including changes to the AHTF program design to better leverage our local investments in affordable housing.