The Climate Change Leadership Institute has awarded The Santa Fe Housing Action Coalition the 2019 Climate Justice Award for its work promoting housing accessibility and its recognition of the relationship between housing availability, urban growth, and climate impacts. We believe it is the community’s responsibility to ensure decent, safe and affordable housing options are available across the spectrum of housing needs. Concurrently, we actively work to promote environmentally responsible housing creation. We believe housing is a right and is also intricately intertwined with the stewardship of our environment. It is with great pride and gratitude that we accept this award, acknowledging SFHAC’s commitment to both.  

From The Climate Change Leadership Institute:

The Climate Change Leadership Institute is proud to present the 2019 Climate Justice Award to the Santa Fe Housing Action Coalition.

By superbly advocating for, investing in and collaborating on the critical need for affordable housing, the Santa Fe Housing Action Coalition is helping to advance the humanity of our community.  We must not be a community divided by haves and have nots, rather we should be one community offering quality of life and opportunity for all. The Coalition is meaningfully helping carry on the long held tradition and reviving vision for togetherness.

The extraordinary work you and others are doing to advance affordable housing in Santa Fe is not only so important ethically, it is also vital on a health and wellness basis as well as for environmental stewardship.

The synergy should be known that by providing more quality and quantity affordable housing throughout our community, the much more we will reduce pollution and help tackle climate change. Transportation is Santa Fe’s highest sector source of greenhouse emissions and the less people can afford to live here the greater distances they will have to commute to work here causing escalating pollution and social injustice.

By providing greater impetus for more and better affordable housing opportunities locally, the Santa Fe Housing Action Coalition with an increasingly engaged citizenry and a host of allies and partners is doing excellent work in this field are all together fostering social equity, opportunity and climate change action all at once. 

We commend your organization’s mission, we stand with you as a partner, and we thank you for serving as an impactful facilitator in the vital endeavor to preserve the integrity of our Land of Enchantment.